Based in Amwaj, Bahrain, marjan is an engineer/researcher who wants to blog to share her knowledge and learn from others.she believes that one never stops learning and the more we learn we come to realize how little we know.

The Mindset Shift

We go through life trying to find out why and what is the purpose of us being here.  

But we never ask ourselves what it is that we can do with our time that will be of importance and give meaning and happiness to not only ourselves but also to the people around us.

The moment we are born, the environment we are in comprising of culture, family and friends take over and we are told that who we are is governed by how people think of us. 

Ego starts creeping in and shaping us in respect to what we have, the positions we hold and our status in society and we forget that we are these perfect beings created by God and have come into this world to do good to our fellow human beings.

We become attached to all our belongings starting from our unique toys, to being top in our classes, to the prestigious positions we occupy at work, and all the properties we begin to collect and own. 

People start evaluating us based on our successes and accomplishments in life and not on how good natural qualities we have as a human being.

The shift in our lives arises when we start realizing that God must have brought us to this world for a much more higher and better reason than just positions and materialistic belongings. We start wanting to give meaning to what we do and begin to develop our minds for internal self-purpose instead of external satisfaction.    

The mindset shift happens when we want to be in an egoless place where our focus changes its path to wanting something more for others rather than ourselves. Where we shift from a sense of entitlement to a sense of humility. From a sense of “what I want to achieve next to what I can offer and serve”.  

There comes this deep sense of feeling in us that desires to be fulfilled with respect to having made a difference with our presence here and that when it is our time to leave this life that someone’s existence was profoundly touched because of our presence.

Discover what you are passionate about in life by a trial-and-error process. None of us knows exactly how we feel about an interest until we actually do it and experience it. We have to act to find our passion and then use it to improve and self-develop. We have to forget the thought that the only reason we do things is to get rewarded. We have to do it without waiting for materialistic outcomes but rather for the internal self rewards as well as the positive impact on the people around us.

Pablo Picasso once said that “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”. So, live your life trying to find your gift and once you have acquired it, give it away to see the joy it gives to others as it gave to you.



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