Based in Amwaj, Bahrain, marjan is an engineer/researcher who wants to blog to share her knowledge and learn from others.she believes that one never stops learning and the more we learn we come to realize how little we know.

fun in teaching

there is no such a thing as learning can't be fun. I remember when I was attending primary and med school at the American Mission School (now Al Raja school), we had a creative teacher for English named Mr. GaryBrown. He was not only a motivator, a mentor but a also a creative teacher. I especially remember his method in teaching us spelling. every Thursday, which in our part of the world is the last day of the week, we would end the class with a fun game of spelling competition. we would all get up and the first person would start with a letter and then each one following would add a letter till someone challenged the person before him/her to spell the word. if they could spell a proper word according to the letters constructed so far, the person challenging them would be out of the game, otherwise, if they could not come up with a proper word, they were dropped out. it was fun and I sure learned how to spell.


me and Mr Brown at our school reunion in 2015 

The Year of Bahraini Women in Engineering