Based in Amwaj, Bahrain, marjan is an engineer/researcher who wants to blog to share her knowledge and learn from others.she believes that one never stops learning and the more we learn we come to realize how little we know.


Our lives are often much shorter than we expect. That’s why it is imperative to realize how to make the difference between being alive and living, between knowing the path and walking it, and between a lifetime of dreaming and one filled with realizing those dreams.

We are already a month into the new year, and I have been meaning to write this post since the beginning of January, but I had first to overpass a milestone, which was scheduled on 8th January, before getting back to the routine of my daily life.

Now that I have successfully finished my project and ready to start my posts one more time, I came across a blog post “Two Positive Ways to Look at Change” by George Couros that had me started thinking about this new phase in my life journey and a great way to start writing again.

In his book “The Innovator’s Mindset,” George is known for his quote:

Change is an Opportunity to do Something Amazing

He goes on to say that change comes your way all through your life and you need to see solutions and not, as most will see, obstacles. One has two options when she/he is confronted with change; they can either go through it or grow through it. That made me realize how true that was and how I had, most of the time, grown through my changes rather than gone through them.

I am at a new crossroad in my life where having finished my Ph.D., I am wondering what’s next? Should I use it to advance my career, or should I use it to serve others? If I choose the former, I have to go knocking on doors and asking others to see what I have and use it, while if I choose the latter, I will be giving whatever I have to others and letting them decide whether they want to use it or not.

There is a risk that I have to take. It might not be imminent, but by choosing the second option in serving others by sharing my experiences and knowledge gained through the years may not be of interest to them, while I may lose a once in a lifetime career opportunity by not choosing the first option.

But, then again, when I flashed back on how many risks I had taken in my professional life and the three times that I just packed my personal belongings and left jobs which I was struggling at, or wasn’t getting along with a boss, or was unhappy with my position or role, how those risks were the best things that I had done at the time.

There were moments when I used to see the approach I had taken as “quitting,” but if I had stayed in those less than ideal situations, I would not have had the opportunity to finish two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. program, gain so much mind-blowing new knowledge, make so many fruitful friendships, and develop my inner self in order to see life and my relationships in a new perspective along the way. I started perceiving that with every door that closed on me a new chance for another one opening would come along. I learned that one has to walk the talk.

Therefore, by deciding to share my knowledge and life experience, I am sure someone somewhere will be impacted, and hopefully, I will be a change factor in their lives, which has been my real achieving passion in this life’s journey on earth.     

We often have more control over our situations than we want to admit. We can wait for change to happen to us or we can make it happen ourselves. The choices are hard, we just need to acknowledge that change is inevitable and risks are always there for us to take. We only need to have confidence and trust our capacities and make the leap of faith whenever the opportunity comes along.


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