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Ananda Retreat in the Himalayas north of India

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

When I first decided to go to Ananda Spa retreat in North of the Himalayas in India, I was just thinking of how I will have a great time in a five-star retreat.

Little did I know that the trip would turn out to be a life-changing one.

Not only was it self-healing physically, it was also a mindful and soul recovery one as well.

Mind you, I have been to meditation retreats before, in Mount Abu and Oxford, but this one took me to a much higher level of self-awareness.

The yoga and meditation sessions did wonder for our minds and body. Calming the thoughts and stretching the body assisted in positive thinking and better movement. Yet, Reiki and chiropractor healing went deeper into the soul and assisted in healing the joints and finding out where one has anticipated having reached so far in this world.

Personally, it was a mind-opening journey where I got to discover myself as well as to get to know personalities beyond their outer looks. Characters turned out to be not what they appeared on the surface and had deeper content to them than what they showed on the exterior. So judgment was the first limitation that I had to finally put aside as I got to realize how my self-conclusion of what people are based on their external characters turned out to be so shallow and non-realistic.

The second awareness was to get to know what I was meant to do in life when one of the members of the group who had no clue of my personality and characteristics just came out and told me that I was meant to be an academic individual who should share my expertise and arrange events in knowledge sharing and technology awareness.

The last and most important wakefulness was that I finally realized that I have reached home and was where I was seeking all along to be in this lifetime.  At my Reiki session, I was told that my energy was flowing naturally and all my chakras were open. I was where I should be and whatever I was doing was on the right path and that I have reached spiritually where I should be.

This is the first time coming back from a trip feeling full of positive and confident energy, which I want to hold on to and transmit and share with every individual I meet to linger on and keep circulating to keep thriving for as long as I have to live.


In the Pursuit of Happiness

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